Leagues are now forming for the FALL 2021 Season!

2020/2021 League Information


Eye Openers (4 person Mixed) 9am

Monday Morning Specials (4 person Mixed) 9:30am


Westgate Mixers (4 person Mixed) 6:15pm 

Graphic Arts (5 person Men) 6:15pm

Meijer Mixed (5 person Mixed) 6:15pm – Needs  Teams


Pinticklers (4 person Mixed – Seniors) 12:30pm _ Always welcoming more Teams

St. Stans (5 person Men) 6:15pm

Alpine Majors (5 person Men) 6:15pm

Women’s City County (5 person Women) 6:15pm

Urban (Drop in Doubles Men) 9pm


Afternoon Practice (4 person Women) 12:30pm

Westgate Recreation (5 person Men) 6:15pm

Twi-Lighters (5 person Women) 6:15pm

Victors (Drop in Doubles Men) 9pm


Fireballs (4 person Women) 6:15pm

Westgate Classic II (5 person Mixed) 6:15pm LOOKING FOR MORE TEAMS/BOWLERS


Charlie’s Angels (kids) bumpers 9:30am

Westgate Warriors (4 person Mixed Elementary School) 9:30am,

Teenage Wasteland (4 person Mixed Middle School/High School) 9:30am

Saturday Night Specials (4 person Mixed) Every Other Week 6pm

New Community Church (4 person Mixed) Every Other Week 6pm

Westgate (4 person Mixed) Once per Month 7pm


The Getaways (4 person Mixed) Every Other Week 6:00pm

(Open bumper bowling is also available everyday when lanes are available)

We are proud to support youth Bowlers throughout the area with the Lomonaco Scholarship! For more information please see the link below: